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                Accessories Factory . 輔料廠

                Jiangsu Xiwen Chenfeng Garments Co., Ltd.
                Category & production capacity of Xiwen Accessory Factory Category: main mark, size mark, cotton-like belt, cotton belt, care label, hang tag, RFID tag, ribbed band, sticker Capacity: 6 - 6.5 million sets/month

                Jiangsu Xiwen Chenfeng Garments Co., Ltd. is an accessory company jointly established by Chenfeng Group and Shanghai Xiwen Garments Co., Ltd. Founded in May 2015, with registered capital reaching RMB 35 million. The Company works with the world's top fashion brands and largest retailers to provide one-stop brand labeling services, designing and producing high-quality garment accessories. Its products cover woven labels, printed labels, RFID and EAS labels, thermal pad printing, printed paper products, variable data tags and stickers, packaging products and other special accessories. The company has always had the aim that "in the supply chain of accessories, we should be acknowledged as a supplier of all kinds of brand packaging and identification products with the fastest speed, best acknowledged service and best quality."

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